Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you take insurance?

YES! We now take the following insurances: Aetna, Cigna, United Health, Oxford, & Oscar. We also continue to accept private pay (see pricing below).

What should I expect? What is therapy like?

Therapy is the process of a professional counselor guiding you as you learn to better understand your self, your thoughts, and your behaviors – whatever you are struggling with. We help you to gain skills to increase your confidence, learn to identify your strengths and how you can use them, and even how to be a better parent, to name a few. We typically sit together and talk about your feelings (yes, we talk a lot about feelings) and assist you through the process of looking at yourself, others, and your situation from multiple perspectives, so you can make positive changes in yourself, your environment, and your relationships.

What do you charge? (subject to change) How often would I attend? 

$110 for individual or couple per 50-60 minute session

$30 per 1-hr group session (groups run 8 – 10 wks/sessions) $125 for family 1-hr session (for more than 2 people) $25 per 1-hr class (classes run 8 – 10 weeks) Please call for workshop/speaking engagement pricing. Most people go to therapy/counseling 1x every 2 weeks. If a client is experiencing an especially difficult time or crisis (not emergency), and the therapist has availability, she may see client weekly for a period of time. In addition, as you make progress, you may come less often, ie: once every 3 weeks or 1x/month.
What does the name “Beyond Sessions” mean? 

Beyond Sessions has multiple meanings.

It’s important that when we go to therapy we take what we learn beyond the sessions. If I learn a new skill but don’t practice it, then how will I benefit and grow? How will I make progress? We go to therapy because we want to get beyond where we are now. Do you feel stuck? Have you been struggling with something for a long time (or even a short time)? Are you having a hard time moving on from something difficult in your life? Let’s move beyond it by working together to overcome it. Finally, Beyond Sessions wants to take the skills it offers in an individual therapy session and bring them beyond sessions, through teaching these skills in classes, workshops, seminars, conferences, AND BEYOND!
Do you specialize in anything?

All things related to relationship – with self, others, etc. In addition, I specialize in binge eating disorder and related issues. 

No show/cancellation policy:

Out of respect for each other, we ask that if you need to cancel/reschedule an appointment, you do so within 24 hrs. We will do the same as well. A fee will be applied if notice is not given at least 24 hrs before appointment. We understand that at times there are exceptions and an emergency may arise. However, we trust that this would be a rare occurrence.

Can I call you in an emergency? 

We do not offer emergency services. If you are experiencing an emergency/crisis, please call one of the following numbers for assistance: 988  or  211  or  911

What groups are currently running?

None at this time.

What classes are currently running? 
*Food Freedom: A Diet Alternative (Starting in January 2024!!!)
What about speaking engagements and workshops? 

Regina is currently available for speaking engagements. Please contact her if interested, including when you would like her to speak, the topic, and any other pertinent information. She will return your call within 3-5 days. Topics must be related to skills taught in therapy (ie: healthy communication, emotion regulation, career development, etc).

Workshops will occur 1 – 4x/year depending on interest and availability of therapists. Contact Beyond Sessions for details.
Beyond Sessions Counseling Services

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